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Long Time, No See

It’s been a while that I’ve been missing in action — undiagnosed torn meniscus, selling our house, finding a new home, moving, knee surgery, blah blah blah. I’d like you to think I’ve been gestating, preparing to dump a whole nest of new works onto the pristine beaches of readers’ minds. I’d like to think that, myself!

It’s more like I’ve come to rest here along the Chesapeake Bay, washed up with the six-pack rings and limp plastic bags, and am slowly finding my footing in the sand. You can call me Driftwood Annie.

It’s been hot and humid here for the past week or so, and that — along with the itchy spot just out of reach on my left shoulder blade — has me thinking about mosquitoes. And that has put me in mind of a little piece from deep down in the files.

Click here to read it: Zzzzzzzzzzzz! I hope you enjoy it.

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